Student work

Assignments are modeled after the types of projects common to industry practice--whether by marketers, advertising agencies or the like. Using all the media available to them: social media, photography, music, video, text, animation, websites, movies, virtual reality, etc., students create portfolio pieces with the goal of unveiling their unique interests and presenting themselves strategically to a potential employer. Because of the variety of projects, students are exposed to lots of specializations in advertising and while many enter the program with only a vague idea of what they would like to explore, most leave with a solid idea of where they want to work post graduation. With that in mind, each project is designed to build on the skills needed by every strategist. With the collection of assignments, the students are able to practice the following:

  • Thinking on their feet
  • Learning about cultures foreign to them
  • Removing research bias
  • Staying updated on consumer and industry trends
  • Producing a portfolio that will fast-track them into high growth job opps
  • Developing presentation skills
  • Working collaboratively in a team
  • Taking the lead in group work
  • Enhancing their conflict resolution skills
  • Visualizing data
  • Getting out of their comfort zones and off autopilot
  • Stepping away from the virtual and interacting with ppl IRL
  • Conducting creative and valid consumer research
  • Decoding patterns and offering up predictive analyses
  • Finding and articulating insights
  • Developing strategic conceptual thinking
  • Experimenting with different approaches and new tech
  • Improving persuasive writing skills
  • Analysing the big picture (macro) and specific projects (micro)
  • Observing how pop culture influences/is influenced by politics, world events, etc


Below are some examples of student work from previous semesters. To learn more, click on the image and then hover over it to read the explanation.