What is Strategy?

Debbie Millman, a well-known and highly regarded designer, shares the top 10 things she wished she knew when she graduated college. #4 (about 16:30 in) is about the importance of STRATEGY: "Ideas are easy. Strategy is much harder." She adopts Michael Porter's (Harvard Business School) definition of strategy to explain "Strategy is choosing to perform activities differently or to perform distinctly different activities than rivals."

Debbie Millman
Ideas are easy. Strategy is much harder.
— Debbie Millman

One of the most influential designers working today, Debbie Millman is also a writer, educator, artist, brand consultant and host of the podcast Design Matters. In one of CreativeMornings/NewYorkCity’s most popular talks (recorded in February 2011), she offers practical advice for soon-to-be design grads that is applicable to anyone, anywhere, in any career, at any time.

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